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LOVEL is managing private owned villas in Bali. Private villas do not have a site manager or 24/7 front desk like villa resorts or hotels. Therefor LOVEL needed a solution to assist the guests in a way they can access important information anytime. Book a tour, order a massage just contacting the management. 


The solution our team from Impact Marketing came up with was simple but also perfect in all regards. A Mobile App the guests had access to all important information regarding the check-in procedures and villa facilities, and of course a contact facility to get in touch with the related management staff. Schedule their check-in time and monitor the status of their return flights. Get the directions to the villa was never easier. On top, the guest registration form to offer all guests to register themself seamlessly to the local authorities as required by Indonesian law. 


The villa guests are 24/7 able to access wirable information like in emergencies a hospital or their embassy. The guests feel more safe in their private holiday home and free in their daily activity as the assistant is always with them. 
The management’s guest relation officer is much less frequently contacted for assistants and gains more time for the daily personal contact with all the villa guests. 
Further the guests have a experience professional management company who understand the needs of their guests.  


LOVEL – Villa Management Bali


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Web Design
CRM Integration
Digital Design
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Mobile UX - User Experience

All wirable information are easy to access. Either presented directly on the home screen or accessible through prominent bottons.  

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Integration

All the villa guests register themself including personal contact and marketing relevant data. These data can be used for newsletter campaigns or other marketing strategies. 

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