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Our Mission is to bring your Vision into Reality

The story behind...

Once upon a time two German men met on the shores of Bali watching the sunset while sharing their life stories. Soon they discovered that they had a lot in common, the same visions and goals for their future… same taste in woman and swim wear… and a lot more. 

Both naturally born with their typical German mentalities like  reliability, punctuality and love to structure, creativity and to solve challenging tasks. 

So they decided to unite their skills and strengths and team up to become the superheroes they could be together. So the decision was made to found a unit, a modern wolf pack, nowadays named a “Company” to help people from all over the world in need, for their help.

Both picturing their successful future together, felt the impact of the waves crashing to the beach while the sun set. And, bang! There was the name for the team which will create an IMPACT to your business and marketing goals.  

A True Bali Story

Impact Marketing Bali start team
Online Marketing Bali Retro Story

Real Business Partnership is our
Key to Success

We strongly believe that successful business is build on strong business partnerships. We treat your business goals as they were our own. 

Impact is a digital marketing agency that has a solid ingenuity and brings in the information, innovations, and key methodologies required to drive the advancement of companies. We create unique brands that support companies in building important customer relationships. Regardless of the business, we help companies of all sizes move forward and respond to both the changing needs of their businesses and advances in innovation.

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