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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most efficient methods of all digital marketing tools to increase your brand awareness and website traffic. Which leads to improvements not only in your search engine rankings. 


With the increasing use of social media, companies have more opportunities than ever before to connect to their audience. IMPACT Marketing helps you to get your social media advertising up to speed. 

It’s a very cost-effective method gather market insights that will help you to gain better customer satisfaction and resulting in a higher conversation rate. With paid Social Media Advertising you have the chance to target your specific customer group, not only in age or interest but also in a defined location. 



Paid Social Media Services

Take advantage of the wide range of our solutions that help you to reach your objectives. Our account manager constantly analyze your data and improve the campaigns based on past performances. We will enhance your social media traffic using the latest platform features and key insights.

Social Media Strategy

Knowing your and understanding your business is essential for all our efforts. Based your business goals we will tailor a custom plan.

Market Research

Knowing your market, competitors and audience is important to set the strategy right and maximize your budget and scale your grow.

Content Development

Creating eye catching content, images or clips is essential for a successful campaign. We involve here our graphic designers team.

Campaign Launching

Well prepared and structured campaigns, set to reach the right audience to the right time of the day will bring maximize success.

Conversion Tracking

We track the results permanently and take appropriate actions. Our tools will provide relevant data how your campaigns performing.

Monthly Reports

Our data are transparent to you and will give you important market insights for your business. We discuss and advise you each month.

Connect with

your Audience

The increasing time of social media use leads to great opportunities to connect you with your audience. Gain market insights, create brand awareness and marketing your product or service very cost efficient. 

Generate Leads

Connect to users that already showed interest product, service or industry.

Build Awareness

Nurture your leads and build trust and interact with them through social media. Animate to share your content.

Drive Sales

Sell your product or service directly on the platform. 




Are you Ready to Start?

Paid Social Media Advertising

Boost your Social Media Marketing with an experienced agency. Simply drop us a mail. Our strategist will contact you and walk you step by step through the process. 

Pricing is based on your monthly AD spend. Paid Social Media Management fees  plans start from only $99/month.

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