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Something big is on the way!

We have often heard from our clients how difficult it is to comply with the wishes of their guests. Both before and after their arrival, there are many questions in the room.

  • Are there any directions?
  • What do we need for check-in?
  • What facilities are there?
  • Who can I contact for specific matters?
  • Can I order drinks and food?
  • What is the current weather like?
  • What is the current exchange rate for my currency?
  • What Covid-19 measures are being taken?
  • Is my flight on time?
  • Can I book massages?
  • What activities are available nearby?
  • Are tours offered?

Luingo - The all-in-one guest app solution

The original version has been in use in local villa management for several years and has proven to be extremely helpful.
After intensive further development and with a fresh design, we can soon present the all-in-one solution for hotels, villas and other accommodation providers:

LUINGO - the one and only Guest app

For Hotels, Villas, Resorts and other accommodations

  • web-based (no installation required and therefore suitable for all handphones)
  • adaptable to corporate identity (colors, fonts, …)
  • easy to set up and edit
  • clear design
  • extremely user-friendly
  • Connect with CRM (Customer Realtionship Management)

We will keep you updated

We will launch the new version of Luingo Guest App soon. Let us know if we  may inform you about.

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