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Custom Hosting Solutions

IMPACT Marketing provides you custom hosting solutions for all types of businesses and websites. Your investment into the right hosting plan will give your customers a good user experience when they visit your website. Let our experience tell you which server setup is the right one for you.



Web hosting services

We work closely with you to ensure your website goes up correctly. Self-serve platforms can take up a lot of your time between updates and support. Our team has the resources to help you with all your web hosting needs that you can focus on your business.


We will evaluate your website needs and get you the right plan that will support your file size and expected traffic.

Server Setup

We setup your account and servers settings to make sure you have the right values and environment to host your website.

Website Upload

We upload your website files and databases to your server.

Migration or Transfer

Whether we created the website or you it's one of your existing websites from another server. We ensure your data is secured.

Testing & Launching

All websites will be checked for functionality and performance before we put it live. Additional optimizations are done if needed.


Contact us for help whenever you need. Our team get things done much faster since we know how your website works.




Web Hosting Plans

All Hosting Plans are billed annually. Scale up as you with the groth of your website traffic.


$ /month

per website, billed annually

Setup Fee:from $0 ¹

~100.000 visits per month²

Only $108/year³ 


$ /month

per website, billed annually

Setup Fee:from $0 ¹

~900.000 visits per month² 

Only $348/year³


$ /month

up to 2 websites, billed annually

Setup Fee:from $0 ¹

~1.350.000 visits per month²

Only $708/year³


$ /month

up to 4 websites, billed annually

Setup Fee:from $0 ¹

~200.000 visits per month²

Only $828/year³ 

¹ The setup fee is based on the services required for each website. Our rate start from $0. Please contact our account manager.

² The number of visits are an estimate on what an average amount a website may experience. Hostings plas are measured in Bandwidth but not limited to visits.

³ One website is one unique domain name or url. Our palns come not incldue a damin name registration.





Our Cloud Hosting Plans Include

Dedicated Resource

Containerized technology with separate resources ensures that your website's performance is not compromised by other users.

LiteSpeed and WP Accelerator

Website access will be faster by using the world's fastest web server and WP Accelerator.

LiteSpeed Memcached

The object cache system in LiteSpeed ​​Memcache will improve website performance much faster and reduce the resource load on the server.

Maleware & DdoS Protection

Advanced Firewall with an artificial intelligence system that can automatically protect websites from various types attacks and viruses.

10 Gig/s Network and Redundant

Using more than one internet connection with an access speed of 10Gig / s which automatically switches when there is a disturbance.

24/7 Support

Our Hosting Specialists are ready to help you for any hosting issues and will assist you when ever help is needed.


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